Sunday, July 25, 2010

some thoughts I am pondering

Always love Sundays that I don't have to work and I have a chance to worship with my family and church family but today left me really thinking about alot of things wondering what it really means to live for Christ if called would I be willing to give up all he has given me to follow Him ?Not just follow Him in serving at the church ,but maybe going to place I am not comfortable in ,maybe giving up what I have the comforts of my home and family .Am I really willing? I am not sure? he tells us to go into dark places to be a light and use my hands for Him and my words for Him I like to think I am at the nursing home if you ever worked at one it can be a dark place for many of the residents and staff but today as I was thinking about the message this morning am I always a blessing at work ,I don't think I am especially when I get to complaining about things I get hurried in my day and don't always take the time to listen . I do want my residents and coworkers to see the joy I have but I am afraid I let circumstance take over,and it often robs me of my joy and the joy that I should be passing on to others.

Back to the question of am I willing to sacrifice my own comfort to benefit others I hope so .When I think about leaving the nursing home I am reminded that Jesus never gave up especially when helping others the easy road would be to leave find another job and life goes on .The second choice is to stay there and pray that I am the light to a often dark place and that God will use my hands to heal and my words to comfort.I will continue to ponder the question am I willing to give up everything for the cause of Christ? I know in my heart the only thing that matter when I meet my master is that I finished the race he set in front of me and that I finish it well.All the praise of man cant even compare to hearing one day well done good and faithful servant.

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