Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Can hardly believe its been such a long time since I have blogged.

One of the best things over the past few months is a relationship with my new friend Stephanie.She has downs syndrome we were matched through a mentoring program at church and she has been a huge blessing as she teaches me to live life free of what others think.

The last time I blogged I was changing jobs the job has been okay. Never had a total desk job with nursing and not so sure I love it but for now its okay. I really believe my calling is to work with the old folks to be a blessing to them and their families.I have considered going back to the nursing home but on a daily bases God has closed the door .So either he wants me to wait on Him or He is closing the door for a reason.Funny how what I think is right for me Often time God does not.

I have been missing my NY family and friends alot we are planning a trip home in July and if at all possible would like to get home sooner but airfare is so expensive.I so wish we all lived close to each other.
we have enjoyed not having snow even though we had a cold winter in Texas it does not compare to NY.
When I listen to the news I just keep saying come quickly Lord Jesus.It gets worse each day but we know that God is in control.
Jay is still at the same job and for the most part enjoys it. He has been getting the gardens ready we have planted garlic and all our herbs , we hope to sell our produce at the local farmers market along with some great planter boxes he has been making.
well that's about where we are , We are thankful that we are both in good health and we are are able to enjoy the simple things in life.As I get older I realize chasing the American dream is not even worth it . The most important things are serving God having a husband who loves.me having a family who are God followers and are bringing their children up in the church.That's it for now,
God Bless