Wednesday, September 8, 2010

great trip

We had a great trip back home and I loved every min of it except sorting the stuff from the storage shed ,how 2 people can accumulate so much stuff is beyond me. We went swimming,golfing,to the fair ,school shopping,ice cream,and a wonderful family picnic,where the kids fished played in the mud waded in the water hiked had a camp fire made smores and ate way to much but a great time all in all .I got to see my mom and 3 of my 5 brothers and that thrilled my heart.And got to spend the day with my BFF and her daughter.
Now on to the fall and trying to figure out life and what God wants from this life.I am excited to be doing a mentoring class at church I have been through alot and God has taught me from each trial and I hope to beable to share that with other women. I know God never places us where he doesnot want us but sometimes I have to wonder why he allows us to go through things.I will be joining weight watchers in the AMthink I need a little push I lost nearly 80 pounds a couple years ago and have gained about 30 back so time to get back on track.Hopefully Sarah and I can start walking and she can hold me accountable and give me a push..
I still am up in the air about the job situation sometimes I think well just stay put and other days I am like get me out of here, it really is not a great place to work but then I feel bad for the residents well I know God will show me the right thingto do in His time not mine.
well thats about it for now hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather for those in NY soon winter will be on you and you will be wishing for summer and fall .