Sunday, July 25, 2010

some thoughts I am pondering

Always love Sundays that I don't have to work and I have a chance to worship with my family and church family but today left me really thinking about alot of things wondering what it really means to live for Christ if called would I be willing to give up all he has given me to follow Him ?Not just follow Him in serving at the church ,but maybe going to place I am not comfortable in ,maybe giving up what I have the comforts of my home and family .Am I really willing? I am not sure? he tells us to go into dark places to be a light and use my hands for Him and my words for Him I like to think I am at the nursing home if you ever worked at one it can be a dark place for many of the residents and staff but today as I was thinking about the message this morning am I always a blessing at work ,I don't think I am especially when I get to complaining about things I get hurried in my day and don't always take the time to listen . I do want my residents and coworkers to see the joy I have but I am afraid I let circumstance take over,and it often robs me of my joy and the joy that I should be passing on to others.

Back to the question of am I willing to sacrifice my own comfort to benefit others I hope so .When I think about leaving the nursing home I am reminded that Jesus never gave up especially when helping others the easy road would be to leave find another job and life goes on .The second choice is to stay there and pray that I am the light to a often dark place and that God will use my hands to heal and my words to comfort.I will continue to ponder the question am I willing to give up everything for the cause of Christ? I know in my heart the only thing that matter when I meet my master is that I finished the race he set in front of me and that I finish it well.All the praise of man cant even compare to hearing one day well done good and faithful servant.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

good day

Today was a good day went to breakfast witht the hubby and then to the farmers market took in a estate sale and got some free things at CVS .Then headed over to see the grandkids for a little bit hung with them for a while then home picked veggies from the garden and started to pick up the house when I received a call from some very dear friends that they needed some help with their mom so I went and helped them out and came back home did a few more things when they called and said we want to take you to dinner .So we went to dinner we had fun going down memory lane and I hope I was a encouragement to them . I have been in the same spot they are a few years ago with my mom .As we get older we are faced with some hard decisions when it comes to aging parents,alot of guilt creeps in and it can totally consume your life.I hope I never become like that to my children I pray for the Lords return before that.
Sometimes I get so caught up in the busy life that I forget people who have made a difference in mine and my children's,and the couple we had dinner with tonight have been a part of my life since high school,then a huge part of my children's life as their youth pastor and who would have thought we would be in Texas together just tonight I realized that God has allowed us to be part of each other life because as I needed them for wisdom with my children now I am able to return that with helping out with their mom.God is so faithful its easy to see God when things are all good,but not so easy to see God when the chips are down.I am thankful God is the same today tomorrow and forever .

Friday, July 23, 2010

Been a Hard week

Let me just say I am so thankful that I have the peace of knowing that God is with me no matter what. As many of you know I work at a nursing home and this week was state survey uggg uggg and more uggg.This place has issues andI stuggle with staying there and only by the Grace of God do I continue to go each day. I feel bad for the residents and hope that I am a blessing each day,just wonder at times if its worth it. I am so mentally tired tonight.Survey is done and we will be back to the same ol same ol on Monday.
tonight we went to the baseball game with Bill and the kids Sarah is away we had a good time ate hot dogs,cotten candy,ice cream and soda what a way to end a stressful week
hope to get to the farmers market in the am and maybe do a lil canning on Sunday,with Sarah,

to tired to write more but I am so thankful for prayer and mercies each day,,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Since my daughter and daughter in law are now blogging thought I would try this again.Just a little update on our past few months in Texas .We are now some what settled into the house and even though my things are still in storage in NY this house is starting to look like a home. We have had a busy summer so far we planted a good size garden and have been enjoying the rewards of Jays hard work and Sarahs I am the water person, Sarah and I were able to can some dill pickels yesterday and that was alot of fun , I have been spending time with Gabe and Lily we all went on a lil 3 day vacation last weekend to San Antinio and Sue was able to join us, We did the riverwalk,alamo and spent a long hot day at seaworld did I mention it was HOT.. We had a great time.Jay is enjoying his job at Sherwin Williams and I am at the nursing home its kinda like a love hate in general is hard.
I Think about my NY grandkids everyday and miss them alot and I miss Miah and Liz alot I hope to get home in August sometime the darn plane tickets are so expensive,then Jay and I plan on being home in the fall. Well think thats all for now 4:30 a come early and I am nearly 52 and need much beauty sleep but it does not seem to be working..