Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Since my daughter and daughter in law are now blogging thought I would try this again.Just a little update on our past few months in Texas .We are now some what settled into the house and even though my things are still in storage in NY this house is starting to look like a home. We have had a busy summer so far we planted a good size garden and have been enjoying the rewards of Jays hard work and Sarahs I am the water person, Sarah and I were able to can some dill pickels yesterday and that was alot of fun , I have been spending time with Gabe and Lily we all went on a lil 3 day vacation last weekend to San Antinio and Sue was able to join us, We did the riverwalk,alamo and spent a long hot day at seaworld did I mention it was HOT.. We had a great time.Jay is enjoying his job at Sherwin Williams and I am at the nursing home its kinda like a love hate in general is hard.
I Think about my NY grandkids everyday and miss them alot and I miss Miah and Liz alot I hope to get home in August sometime the darn plane tickets are so expensive,then Jay and I plan on being home in the fall. Well think thats all for now 4:30 a come early and I am nearly 52 and need much beauty sleep but it does not seem to be working..

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