Saturday, July 24, 2010

good day

Today was a good day went to breakfast witht the hubby and then to the farmers market took in a estate sale and got some free things at CVS .Then headed over to see the grandkids for a little bit hung with them for a while then home picked veggies from the garden and started to pick up the house when I received a call from some very dear friends that they needed some help with their mom so I went and helped them out and came back home did a few more things when they called and said we want to take you to dinner .So we went to dinner we had fun going down memory lane and I hope I was a encouragement to them . I have been in the same spot they are a few years ago with my mom .As we get older we are faced with some hard decisions when it comes to aging parents,alot of guilt creeps in and it can totally consume your life.I hope I never become like that to my children I pray for the Lords return before that.
Sometimes I get so caught up in the busy life that I forget people who have made a difference in mine and my children's,and the couple we had dinner with tonight have been a part of my life since high school,then a huge part of my children's life as their youth pastor and who would have thought we would be in Texas together just tonight I realized that God has allowed us to be part of each other life because as I needed them for wisdom with my children now I am able to return that with helping out with their mom.God is so faithful its easy to see God when things are all good,but not so easy to see God when the chips are down.I am thankful God is the same today tomorrow and forever .

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