Friday, July 23, 2010

Been a Hard week

Let me just say I am so thankful that I have the peace of knowing that God is with me no matter what. As many of you know I work at a nursing home and this week was state survey uggg uggg and more uggg.This place has issues andI stuggle with staying there and only by the Grace of God do I continue to go each day. I feel bad for the residents and hope that I am a blessing each day,just wonder at times if its worth it. I am so mentally tired tonight.Survey is done and we will be back to the same ol same ol on Monday.
tonight we went to the baseball game with Bill and the kids Sarah is away we had a good time ate hot dogs,cotten candy,ice cream and soda what a way to end a stressful week
hope to get to the farmers market in the am and maybe do a lil canning on Sunday,with Sarah,

to tired to write more but I am so thankful for prayer and mercies each day,,

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