Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cant believe its DECEMBER

I love this time of the year ,bakeing,cooking,family,friends, decorating ,eating laughing and the magic that this time of year brings. This year flew by can hardly believe that soon we will be entering into another year.I have been praying about a decision to leave the nursing home and after much prayer and talking to people who I trust I have decided to say good bye to my residents and their families whow,, its been very hard they become like your family.They have all had such kind word to me that I dont deserve you never realize how God uses you in ways you dont even see. I am so humble and thankful for all the kind words. I know that God had something for me or a plan for me at the Oncology center,I have been so stressed at my job knowing that I am unable to fix things ,the 12 hour shifts have been harder as I get older and sometimes feel like I have been put in ethical dilemma's with coworkers. I will miss my residents so much and some of my coworkers but I will stay prn .
I went for orientation at the new job and everyone seems so nice,I think it will be alot less stress on me and its great hours so Jay and I will be able to have more time together .No weekends or Holidays and they said we were off the 2 days prior to Christmas with pay crazy hey !!! Have my own little office and business cards with my name on it Intake Coordinator I feel so important ha ha ha.Change can be so hard but sometimes it can be good and needed.
Well just a little update ,,Jay is doing good still liking his job at Sherwin Williams and we are so blessed with great insurance there, we have been busy decorating for Christmas we all know how much my husband love those lights... I miss the NY grand kids alot and wish I could see them. well that's about it .Praying you all have a wonderful holiday season and take time to enjoy your family use those paper plates,bake together,and slow down and savor the season,