Thursday, October 7, 2010


Where has the time gone cant believe its been a month since I have written, Well God is still good and faithful and unfailing. We have not done much this fall just the normal ups and downs of life.I have been enjoying my mentoring class and have met some new people,I am excited that our small group is meeting again .Still working at the nursing home and still not sure if this is what I want to do but have come to realize it may be where God wants me right now.I have been having some health issues and ask that you all be inrayer that the Drs figure it all out.
Have been loving spending time with Gabe and Lily .Lily is like my side kick she always wants to come over,try to take her so Sarah can work at her business, she is doing a great job at it.She is selling stampin up now too,, she is so much like my mom crafty. go to skype with the NY kids and see Kailyn play her violin that was exciting and got to see the other two be silly man I love and miss those kids, I think they should move west...Dont think that will happen as Liz does not like the heat much..I have joined weight watcher and have lost 10 pounds this month well actually 9.74.We are enjoying cooler weather like in the 80s.Have really missed fall in NY this year.Well thats about it.May you all be blessed..

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