Thursday, March 8, 2012

Living Life

I admire people who can really blog and layouts and pictures someday maybe I will have time for all that.This has been a difficult week for me ,difficult to keep focused on Gods Promises, we have had deaths in the family we have lost a close family friend.Family members who are facing very difficult times in their life. Friends who are at their wits ends,and even myself feeling a little defeated this week.Its been a rough week all the way around. Today its cold dreary and WINDY in West Texas good day for staying in and spending some time in Gods word.
I love being a nurse on most days ,feel like I make a difference on most days,but get so discouraged over our health care system in general and people in general. OVER my 30 years of nursing I have done many types of nursing,but I will tell you working in a nursing home is the hardest ,most demanding,job ever.It can be the most rewarding job ever too. Nursing homes in the US today are working short staff on a daily bases,with overtired nurses and aides who are picking up extra days to care for the people they have growen to love as their own make sure all there needs are met. So please if you have a family member in a nursing home (as I have in the past) please don't always find everything that is wrong we all work very hard at making things right. Please remember someone always has to be first and someone always has to be last we are working as hard and as fast as we can while still attempting to give quality care.
Many of us go without lunch,or breaks to make sure your loved one is cared for if you want to build us up tell us thank you ,tell our bosses thank you for their hard work of keeping it all together,while attempting to make sure we have staffing and supplies,say thank you to our dietary staff who works long hard hours to prepare good food maybe not what your loved one likes but again you cant please everyone all the time. I am sure people in other countries would love to have the food that is served in our nursing homes.The laundry people who keep your parents clothes clean(personally would hate that job),,and the housekeepers who are overworked and underpaid ,, The maintenance people who haul around furniture all day or get your loved one a new mattress,the front desk person who ans the phone when you call about your loved one the therapy department who makes them stronger.We are all one big team trying to make it work .We have to smile and be happy even when our heart is breaking or our feet are killing us or we are hungry. I would dare any non medical person to walk in our shoes one day you will be happy to go back to your comfy job, We deal with death on a daily bases we learn to laugh ,cry and love we learn to be strong ,we learn that sometimes we are not as strong as we think when family member are gathered around a bed as their loved ones draw their last breath and the tears flow down your face in that moment when your are to be strong you suddenly are weak.We are the Health care workers.This is the calling God has called me to do .I do it with all my heart and soul.only by Gods grace can I do this everyday
LIKE I said in the first part of my post that I was feeling a little defeated this week.When a coworker pointed out that I was having a negative influence on the staff,it really caused me to step back and pray this one through.This is what I think ,I think I sometimes and very verbal (imagine that) and it was not very professional of me to say something in the clinical area,I am sure we have all done that not that it makes it right.Its made me humble and it made me seek forgiveness from my God.It made me be reminded that though you do many things right it will be the one thing you say or the action you take that is negative that people will remember. It made me realize that's not how I want others to see Christ in devotional today said
this day is far to hard to handle alone I am aware of my helplessness in scheme of the events that I will face today I can try on my own or in Humble Obedience to God sometimes difficulties make the decision making hard,so when difficulties come my way I will consider it joy they are gifts from God and will make me rely on Him more and come out stronger.and my character will be restored,,Be blessed,

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